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Wall Mounted (Floating Vanities) vs. Free Standing Vanities

When it comes to shopping for a great bathroom vanity there are many things to consider. The design and style of the vanity you choose is important. Consider the other elements of your bathroom, like the tile, tub and flooring. A lighter color vanity will make the space feel open, a darker wood will bring warmth. There are new styles of vanities emerging all the time, right now we carry a collection of vanities with stone countertops that are beautiful and modern. There are essentially 3 main types of free standing vanities, but also the wall mounted or floating vanity cabinets as well. Let’s review and compare these types of vanities in more detail.

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How to Transport Granite Slabs

Prefabricated granite slabs are often used for kitchen countertops and other interior and exterior design applications. There are several things to think about when learning how to transport granite slabs (or quartz, marble, or other prefabricated stone slab) from a granite showroom to your home.

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Tile vs. Linoleum – The Pros & Cons

Bathroom flooring material that works for you.

Are you looking to do a bathroom remodel? Well, flooring is one of the first of many decisions you’ll need to make (yes this is true). And when it comes to finding great bathroom flooring there are many factors to consider. Durability, aesthetics, installation and of course cost should all be considered. And throughout the years countless flooring options have emerged, making your choice even more difficult. 

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Solid Wood vs. Composites

When it comes to solid wood vs. composites many people always assume that solid wood always the best material… This is a question we’re frequently asked and you may be surprised that the answer.

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How to Build a Deck Storage Bench

So… You finally finished remodeling your bathroom.  What now?!  Have a large deck?  Need somewhere to sit?  Need somewhere to store all of your outdoor equipment?  No Problem!  Follow the simple 8-step guide below to learn how to build a deck storage bench of your own!

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