Polaris Quartzite

Polaris Quartzite countertops

About Polaris Quartzite:

If you're not afraid to go with color and want to make a statement in your kitchen, bathroom, flooring or more, this stone is gorgeous! Polaris Quartzite has an ivory base with large and dramatic rich emerald green and gray veining. We love the white crystal highlights throughout. This is a stone you'll want to see in person so you can really visualize how all the elements of the slab will bring your space to life. We will be getting a slab of Polaris in our showroom for this month only, so please come check it out!


Design Palette for Polaris Quartzite:



Stone Origin: 

  • Brazil

Facts about Quartzite:

  • Quartzite is a natural, durable stone that is very strong.
  • Great for Countertops in Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Requires regular sealing every few years


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