Learn about the History of Prosto Semi-Custom Shower Glass

Learn about the History of Prosto Semi-Custom Glass:

Have you ever watched a video and totally forgot what you watched? Follow along and answer the questions below the video. Answering the questions will help you understand the awesome features that make Prosto Shower Glass the best shower glass in Denver.

1.       What did we originally start out selling?
2.       What were 2 of the shower kit sizes we originally offered?
3.       Why did we start selling Prosto Showers?
4.       How much do we claim Prosto will save you?
5.       What is an ‘A’ panel?
6.       What is a ‘B’ panel?
7.       What is a ‘C’ panel?
8.       Roughly how many size combinations can we make?
9.       How do we save people money on showers?
10.   What are the 2 types of shower setup we can do with prosto?
11.   What finishes are offered for the hardware?
12.   How long does delivery take?
13.   What type of custom panels can we make?
14.   Are the custom panels more expensive?
15.   When is the best time to buy your shower glass?
16.   What is the downside to custom glass?
17.   What is our lead time on prosto glass?
18.   What glass colors do we offer?
19.   How can a customer get frosted glass?
20.   How do we prevent water spots on the glass?
21.   What is the main benefit of tempered glass?
22.   Will we do non-tempered glass panels?
23.   How hot does glass need to get to become tempered?
24.   What causes the “exploding” effect of tempered glass when it breaks?
25.   What sizes do we offer sliding doors in?
26.   How thick are our Prosto glass panels?
27.   How thick are our sliding doors?
28.   What are some downsides to 12mm glass?
29.   Are hinges sold as pairs?
30.   What is ‘self-centering’?
31.   Why can’t I move the hinges with my hands?
32.   Do the hinges swing in and out?
33.   Why do the hinges swing that way?
34.   Do we sell fiberglass walls for showers?
35.   Do our shower kits include back walls?
36.   What is the downside to tiling your back walls?
37.   What holds the ‘B’ and ‘C’ panels to the wall?
38.   What goes inside the U-Channels?
39.   How long does the silicone need to dry?
40.   Can I hang the door on a ‘B’ panel before the silicone is totally dry?
41.   Do I need a support brace with ‘B’ panels?
42.   What do I do along the bottom edge of my glass ‘B’ and ‘C’ panels?
43.   How many pounds of tension are created by opening the door?
44.   What seals are offered?
45.   Are seals required?
46.   How tall are the ‘B’ and ‘C’ panels?
47.   How tall is the ‘A’ panel?
48.   What is the only type of seal that must be planned for before installation?
49.   What is a good tool to use to estimate pricing?
50.   What is the benefit of sliding doors?
51.   What are some downsides of sliding doors?
52.   What is the benefit of hinged doors?
53.   What are some downsides of hinged doors?
54.   What is the maximum size for a flat rate custom ‘C’ panel?
55.   How long does a customer have to return a custom ‘C’ panel?

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