Showers – Why Go Frameless?

When it comes to showers, the frameless shower door is definitely a huge step up. You may have a bathtub with a shower curtain, or a framed shower door sitting on top of your shower pan. If you are reading this you are obviously thinking about upgrading the look of your home by going frameless, however one question remains… Why go frameless?

Frameless Showers – The Basics



  • Easier to Clean – Frameless showers are just that, frameless.  Being a solid panel of glass makes a frameless shower much easier to clean.  You no longer have those stubborn tracks and frames to clean, which let’s face it, is impossible!
  • More Flexibility – Almost all frameless showers (including ours) provide the option of having the doors hinge from either side, and most hinges (again, ours included) will also swing both inward and outward, providing you with a lot of options, especially for smaller bathrooms!
  • Better Looking – This one is simple.  No matter what pattern is printed on your shower curtain, nothing beats the streamline look of a frameless shower.  If you are thinking to yourself right now ‘I don’t know, I have a pretty cool shower curtain”… STOP IT!  You are lying to yourself!
  • More Durable – Frameless showers do not have the structural support of the metal framing, so to make up for it the glass panels are made much thicker.  Our frameless glass panels are 10mm thick compared to the average framed shower glass, which comes in at around 6mm.



  • Harder to Install – Frameless shower panels weigh more due to their thickness.  Because of this, extra care must be taken to ensure that it is securely installed.  This is usually easily fixed by placing wooden studs where the glass will be attached before tiling your shower.
  • More Expensive – The average frameless shower costs roughly $400 – $600. Compared to a $10 shower curtain, frameless showers are a very costly option; however when you consider the improved aesthetics and added resale value that come with a frameless shower the cost seems to fade away.
  • Weighs More – Again, frameless shower panels weigh more due to their thickness.  This is both a pro and a con.  The added weight means more support is needed; however the extra thickness makes the glass much more durable.

Now that you are better informed, feel free to browse our wide selection of frameless shower panels and hardware by clicking the link below!

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