Tile vs. Linoleum – The Pros & Cons

Bathroom flooring material that works for you.

Are you looking to do a bathroom remodel? Well, flooring is one of the first of many decisions you’ll need to make (yes this is true). And when it comes to finding great bathroom flooring there are many factors to consider. Durability, aesthetics, installation and of course cost should all be considered. And throughout the years countless flooring options have emerged, making your choice even more difficult. 

Because Bathrooms floors need to be water resistant, the option of bamboo or wood flooring is usually removed early in the process. Many will find themselves choosing between tile floors vs. linoleum. Let’s battle it out with the pros & cons below.

Linoleum Flooring

Let’s begin with the basic linoleum flooring options.  What are some of the pros and cons of using linoleum flooring in your bathroom?


  • It is very inexpensive.  You can find linoleum flooring at large home improvement stores for roughly $0.50 for a square foot.
  • It is very simple to install, and installation can be done very quickly
  • It is very easy to clean and to keep clean.  No sealing required.
bathroom tile floors vs linoleum
Bathroom Flooring Options


  • -It is not visually appealing, and looks cheap in most cases
  • There are very few options as far as colors and styles go.  Most home improvement stores only have around 10 styles to choose from
  • It is easy to damage / scratch and is not heat resistant.  Dropping a hot pan on the floor will likely result in a burn spot

Tile Flooring

Now that we have gone over the upsides and downsides of linoleum flooring, let’s move on to the vast world of tiles. There are literally thousands of tile options for bathroom floors, we offer a huge selection in our Denver Showroom.


  • Tiles come in many designs and colors to fit any room perfectly. You can even use mosaic tiles to add an amazing custom touch to any space.
  • Tiles are also available in several different materials, including porcelain, ceramic, plank tile that looks like wood, granite, and marble
  • While some varieties can be inexpensive, if you’re on a budget, you can find ceramic tiles at large home improvement stores for as little as $0.60 for a square foot.
Tile Floors in Bathroom vs. Linoleum


  • Tile is much more difficult and time consuming to install, often requiring a professional’s help
  • Special tools are required, which can be costly.  Labor for hiring a tile contractor can also be very expensive
  • Although some tiles can be found at a low price, most are more expensive than non-tile options.  Some tiles can cost as much as $20 per square foot.

So How Do You Choose?

We always prefer the look of tile, if you are taking the time to redo your bathroom, why not add something that will increase the value of your home while also improving the design and aesthetic? And when you consider that tile will last much longer, the cost is worth it. Check out our selection of tiles online here!

Do you agree? Let’s battle it out in the comments below!


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