Ways to use Countertop Remnants

stone remnants

What are remnants?

Remnants are simply the stone we have leftover after fabricating a project. Most of our remnants are leftover from countertop installations where the original slabs were cut to size and there is some leftover that could be used for a smaller project. We keep all of our remnants in our warehouse and allow for customers to buy them off the rack for a lower price. So, instead of buying the full slab, you can pay only for what you use with a remnant! It's a great way to save on your project!

Our remnant inventory is always changing, take a peek at the latest photos here. All of our remnants are first come, first serve, so it's best to come down to the showroom and secure your stone as soon as possible. These remnants can be granite, quartz, quartzite, marble and more. They come in various sizes and shapes, ranging from small scraps to larger sections. 

Resourceful ways to repurpose a remnant!

We hate to see beautiful stone go to waste! We have gorgeous remnants available and they can be a very cost effective option for a variety of common projects like bathroom vanities, laundry rooms, scullery kitchens, islands.  However, we love to help customers get creative with their remnants to repurpose stone in unexpected and resourceful ways. Here are some of our current favorites. How have you used a remnant? Share in the comments below!

Creative uses for Countertop Remnants

EVEN MORE WAYS: To Get Creative With Remnants!

Full disclosure, we asked one of the owners, Heather, for her ideas with remnants and she went a little bananas. Here's her list. Goes without saying, she loves remnants! See if you can add anything to this extensive list in the comments! 

  • End tables: round, square, any shape (indoor or outdoor depending on stone type) C-tables especially as they can fit under a couch or as a unique side table.
  • Coffee table topper
  • Any furniture topper to waterproof it (night stands, 
  • Fire pit or outdoor use for natural stone-add a chiseled edge for a wow factor if material allows
  • Replace the tile surrounding your current fire pit table
  • Charcuterie boards-add pretty handles. Can put in fridge or freezer to help keep food fresh and colder for parties. Prep your board in advance, cover with plastic wrap, and then pull it out when the party starts! Ta Da!
  • Art work! Frame it, light it up either behind the stone or a top mount light above to accent.
  • Drink shelf-go modern or industrial
  • Bar shelf-add a chain to mount or embellish with fun hardware to enhance any empty wall with purpose and beauty
  • Niche in shower or bathroom
  • Wow wall-in bathroom or behind tv, behind bed
  • Full Height splash or behind stove to accent stove/hood area instead of tile
  • Custom Desk-just purchase legs or mount to wall on one side then one leg on the other side. (we have these in use as Capo's lunch tables)
  • Add as cutting board, layer with other wood boards for decor
  • Waterproof your window sills
  • Replace any wood covered half wall or ledge (pic in drive)
  • Replace baseboard with stone for waterproof project or heavy water use
  • Dog bowl, animal bowls or pet area
  • Create removable stone lazy susan for middle of dining table
  • Soap dish for soap or make bigger for kitchen sink area to hold soap, lotion, and brush
  • Bath tub stand/tray for book, etc
  • Custom shelf



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