Easy bathroom upgrades: replacing a vanity

replacing a vanity

Bathroom remodeling can feel daunting to the beginner DIYer. When you think about replacing tile, plumbing, tubs and more, it starts to feel overwhelming and expensive. However, there are ways to make an old, out of date bathroom feel brand new without taking on too large of a project.

You can keep it simple just by replacing hardware and upgrading fixtures. Another easy way to transform your space is to replace or upgrade your shower or tub with Frameless Shower Glass. It looks beautiful and will open up your bathroom to make it brighter and feel larger while adding value to your home. Another great way to make an old bathroom feel new is to upgrade your existing bathroom vanity. This is easier than you think, so we outline the simple steps below. Remember our team is also here to help you through this process.

Why you might want to replace your existing vanity?

There are many reasons we see customers looking to replace a bathroom vanity. Reasons range from function, aesthetics, damage, flooding and more.

Being in a high use space, vanity cabinets need to withstand all of the elements! Water, heat and moisture can all take their toll. If your cabinet is not high quality, it can quickly start to show damage or look worn out over time. Older cabinet faces with dated finishes can really impact the whole aesthetic of your space.

Additionally, in the last few years we have seen a lot of innovation in cabinet storage and configurations, so some customers love that they can not only improve the style but also the functionality of their bathroom at the same time.

We have several brands and styles of cabinets here at CAPO Kitchen and Bath. Our design team can guide you through your bathroom upgrade so you don't have to feel like you're alone in this process!


Step by Step - How to Replace Your Vanity:

  1. Measure Your Existing Vanity:

    Before you start shopping, you'll save yourself a trip if you get all of your measurements first!
    First, measure the width, depth & height of your current cabinet. This will help you determine the size of the new vanity that will fit in the space. Standard bathroom vanities are 21" deep (kitchen cabinets are 24" deep).
  2. Checking Plumbing and Placement:

    1. Location of Plumbing Fixtures: Take note of the location of the existing plumbing fixtures (is the plumbing in the wall or on the ground), including the sink drain and water supply lines.
    2. Clearances: Check for clearances around the vanity, especially if it's positioned near other fixtures, doors, or the toilet. This will give you the total footprint if you want to get a larger size vanity.
  3. Commit to the project scope: 

    This goes hand-in-hand with your timeline and your budget! But, it's a great idea to consider if you want to upgrade from a single vanity to a double vanity, or if you want to replace flooring or tile at this stage. We see this a lot, where the new vanity looks great and now the tile looks terrible or the lighting, etc. You can always do it later, but deciding on this now will save you time if you have to change it out after you get your new vanity installed.
  4. Start shopping for your new vanity: This is the fun part!

    1. Consider Style and Design: Choose a vanity that complements the overall style of your bathroom while bringing the new wow factor you want!
    2. Choose the highest quality cabinet for your budget: You'll never regret going with a higher quality cabinet, because it will withstand the elements, add more value to your home and last longer! Save yourself from having to replace it again in 5 years!
    3. Storage & Function: As we mentioned above, there are so many options for vanities. We can even add matching mirror cabinets, open shelving and linen cabinets.
  5.  Choose your countertop:

    Bathrooms are very high use spaces so we always suggest a durable stone like Granite or Quartz. We also have several other stone options depending on your style and budget. We always suggest checking our remnant inventory so you don't have to buy a full slab. TIP: If you have a tight budget, consider a 2cm slab instead of 3cm as a way to save more on your stone!
  6. Finish with Sinks and Fixtures:

    Select under-mount or vessel sinks and a faucet and drain for your cabinet. (we have several styles to choose from) 
  7. Vanity Installation:

    We recommend hiring a contractor and plumber to install and hookup your vanity, so you get a professional end result. We can also recommend some trusted contractors to get this done for you.
  8. Countertop Installation:

    If you can select a remnant when you purchase your cabinet, we can take your measurements and start to fabricate your new countertop so that it's also ready to install at the same time as your cabinet. If you need installation, we have a great team at Get Rocked Granite. 

That's it! Enjoy your new bathroom!

We can get your new vanity replaced in just a few weeks. But we're also here to help and walk you through the process start to finish. Request more info with the form below or simply walk in or give us a call!

Request a free consult with our design team to learn more.


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