How to Transport Granite Slabs

Prefabricated granite slabs are often used for kitchen countertops and other interior and exterior design applications. There are several things to think about when learning how to transport granite slabs (or quartz, marble, or other prefabricated stone slab) from a granite showroom to your home.

**Please consult a professional before attempting this on your own. We are not responsible for injury or damages incurred from following the instructions in this article. Granite slabs can be very heavy and you should take all safety precautions to transport them carefully and successfully.

What you’ll need for Granite Transport

  •  Moving Blankets
  •  Padding
  •  Ratchet Straps / Rope
  •  2 x 4 boards (for longer slabs or smaller vehicles)

How to Load the Granite Slab

  1. After inspecting your slab, wrap it in the moving blankets
  2. Lay down padding over the bed of the truck or floor of your vehicle
  3. Using at least 2 people, slowly slide the slab into the vehicle.  Transporting the slabs in a vertical position is the safest, but is likely impossible in most vehicles without an A-frame.
  4. For smaller vehicles where the slab cannot lay flat over the entire surface, place 2 x 4 boards lengthwise along the slab to give it a flat surface to sit on.
  5. Make sure the slab has no air pockets underneath it.  Fill any gaps with padding or foam.
  6. Strap the slab in place to keep it from bouncing

How the Pros Transfer Stone Slabs

To transport prefabricated stone slabs most professionals will use something called an A-frame.  This can be made of metal or wood 2 x 4 boards.  An A-frame (pictured below) supports the stone countertops by transporting them in a vertical position.  When loading onto an A-frame, the unpolished sides should always go against the frame.  Clamps and ratchet straps are then used to secure the slab to the A-frame.

how to transport granite slabs

Transporting Multiple Stone Slabs/Countertops

When transporting multiple slabs, follow the same steps as above.  Keep in mind that when stacking slabs, the polished sides should always go together, and they should be clean to prevent small scratches from forming.  If possible, wrap each slab in its own moving blanket prior to stacking.

Unlike many other stone shops, at Bath & Granite, we do everything in house. We’ll come to your home to measure then cut & fabricate your countertop in our warehouse. We do the installation onsite, so you don’t have to worry about how to transport the countertop to your home.  For your own safety and the potential damage to the stone doing this on your own, this is what we recommend – contact us for a design consult to learn more & get pricing for your stone.



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