What does it mean to book match stone slabs?

book matched stone slabs

What is book matching?

Book matching is a popular design technique that can be employed in a variety of ways to create a striking visual impact in your space. The process involves pairing two slabs from the same stone block side-to-side or end-to-end such that the veining and movement of the stone continues in a beautiful symmetrical pattern - as if you were opening a book!

We love the creativity book matching allows in a design.

You become the artist, creating an elegant work of art right in your home! The mirrored pattern created in the slabs has been compared to a butterfly or inkblot. Changing the direction of the slabs or changing the point of reflection can also create a whole new look. Incorporating this high-end design element will boost your home's value and it is sure to add unique sophistication and luxury to your space.

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Photos Courtesy of our Friends, @thestonecollection

Can you book match natural stone?

It is possible for any type of stone, natural or manmade to be book matched. However, it's important to note that not all slabs are manufactured to allow for this option. This is because the polished sides of the stone need to allow for the inverse sides to be paired together. You will want to look for this in the manufacturing or work with your fabricator to ensure your stone choice will work. 

What types of stone are best to book match?

Look for a stone with strong veining or a dynamic pattern that allows for a more dramatic end result. Granite, Marble and Quartzite are commonly used for book matching for that reason, however we have a few Quartz slabs and we have had gorgeous results with Porcelain too!

What are some examples of book matching?

We love when we can book match feature walls, floors, waterfall edges and more. We can even book match 4 slabs for larger spaces!

Here are a few recent projects. Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Stone installation by @getrockedgranite

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