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Install a Bathroom Vanity Without a Plumber

Considering Installing a bathroom vanity? It’s easier than you might think. I recently installed a bathroom vanity in my grandmother’s house. I’m proud to say it looks great. And, it was installed without the help of a contractor or plumber. Before we installed, my grandmother asked me if I knew what I was doing? I told her, “Of course” and that she had nothing to worry about. In reality, I had no idea what I was doing. So I jumped on youtube and searched “how to install a vanity”, watched a few videos, built my confidence, and called a buddy to help. The whole installation took a day and a half. I was surprised by how easy the counter, cabinet and plumbing fit together, and to my grandmother, my buddy and I looked like pro’s.

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How to Build a Deck Storage Bench

So… You finally finished remodeling your bathroom.  What now?!  Have a large deck?  Need somewhere to sit?  Need somewhere to store all of your outdoor equipment?  No Problem!  Follow the simple 8-step guide below to learn how to build a deck storage bench of your own!

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24″ Cabinet Base as a Bathroom Vanity

Every now and then, we’ll get a customer who is using a kitchen cabinet base as a bathroom vanity. There’s nothing wrong with doing this, especially if you have the space in the bathroom. One issue you might run into is with the granite. Nowadays, you can find bathroom vanity tops that are prefabricated to standard bathroom vanity depth that are really affordable. The problem with a 24” cabinet base is, how can you make a 22” depth vanity top work with a 24” cabinet base? It can be done. My motto is to always think outside the box and make it work.

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